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In the Mahabharatha, the Sabha Parva, chapter 5 describes a meeting between Sage Narada and the newly appointed King Dharmaraja. Narada asks Dharmaraja many questions hoping that the King is following Dharma in being the ruler.

Here, the Mahabharatha develops a method of instructing in the form of asking questions. Some of them are Dharmaraja’s relationship with his own self, some are concerning the principles of sound statecraft, some are about the principles of good administration and the rest about his relationship with the people. Modern rulers can learn much from this dialogue between Narada and Dharmaraja.

Narada asks Dharmaraja “ I hope you have overcome the fourteen defects in matters concerning governance;

Dr. V R Devika

Mentor of Rukminidevi Natyakshetra Foundation and Managing Trustee, The Aseema Trust.

i.e. Lack of faith, untruth and lies, anger, carelessness, the habit of putting off and delaying, not keeping company with people of understanding and knowledge, laziness, far too great an attachment to the pleasure of the five senses, taking decisions wholly on your own, in matters of finances, consulting those who have little knowledge of them, once a decision has been taken to do something, then putting it off, not keeping confidential advice confidential, ignoring celebrations that are auspicious and waging against all the enemies at the same time. Even the kingdoms established securely are destroyed by these fourteen defects.” Timeless advice for today also don’t you think?

Knowledge always brings humility says Narada scholars who have learning in many areas of knowledge must be honoured and respected. One must always remember and honour people who have done a good turn. Every institution is like a small kingdom. The head of an institution is like the ruler and has to look at proper ways of conducting the institution.

My love for Rukmini Devi Arundale is from the admiration for the vision she had in creating such a large institution that connected so many facets of creativity from dance to textiles to trees and animals. Dharmaraja asks the Sage Markandeya what Swatch or purity means. Markandeya explains that purity is of three kinds :Purity of speech, purity of conduct and keeping one’s body clean. Then there is purity one gets out of knowledge. Of these, says Bhishma, the purity born out of knowledge is the highest. A form like Bharathanatyam purifies the body through movement, purifies the mind through introspection and expression, add to it, purity of presentation, there is pure purity. Bhishma also says “Discerning knowledge is a particular means to the cleansing of the body and likewise are the freedom of having and cheerfulness of the mind. I wish Rukmini Devi Natyakshetra maintains purity, freedom and cheerfulness always.



Sri S Premnath


Highly ambitious artists have their goals in arts. Inspiration ought to be the reason for setting the ambition for any career. To reach the goals set, the way is surely one that required hard work in their respective fields.

No one knows where the inspiration comes from. Inspiration means that work has to be done without any expectation of benefits from it. This kind of work can be termed as love, passion, dedication, and sincerity in the task undertaken.

Does any ambitionless hard work get any encouragement initially from our society? Most likely not. But as a person constantly working with children I can see how beautifully and successfully the child moves up with regular education and the arts. It is the way of life of the parent and the teacher and only later the society that will have any impact on the child getting any encouragement with credits.

Present education system makes great demands on the parents and students. Only if the system evolves can we see growth of the form. There is no place for cultural values in the system being taught. Our culture is the identity of our country. I have a strong belief, that the child who grows alongwith learning the arts in a unique atmosphere will show a special brilliance in scholastics also.

I am very grateful to have got the opportunity through Rukminidevi Natyakshetra to be incorporating the cultural values and commitment to all basic cares with music, dance & painting arts. Not only is a good singer, a dancer, a painter considered an artist but he or she will also be able to be live truly enhanced life.

“Art is an artistic life” - artists and art lovers are the saviors of the arts and culture of our country. Jai...Hind!



Smt S K Saraswathy


These words are not just to mean physical thirst, hunger & sleep. It relates to those who have a real thirst & hunger inside their mind to learn new things and who can’t sleep without achieving their (dreams) field of interest. Every child is born with a hidden talent. The study of the fine arts positively impacts the learning of students. It is scientifically proven that children who are engaged in co-curricular activities have shown tremendous progress in their academics and have increased concentration & memory power.

As a whole the entire education system has created such Euphoria and we are compelled to fall in their line. There is no place for morals, culture, discipline, etc….. As the system of education has become fully money oriented. we are all becoming prey to this great hunger of the education industry.

In our institution we want to promote traditional & moral values along with the fine arts. We are steadily marching towards this goal ever since the establishment of our institution.

As a principal, I request all the parents to guide their children to identify and provoke the skills of the children. Let us work together to showcase the talents of our young wards. Thank you.


Our Vision

The aim of the institution is not only to impart Fine Arts Education but also to holistically develop the personality of the students. To cultivate values that enhance conduct, character and behaviour through emphasis on culture and tradition.




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